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You’ve read my blogs and seen my photos, now it’s time for you to see how my guests experienced Newfoundland through their lenses. For my part I’m always in awe of how five individuals can interpret a scene or the same object differently. Below are links to each guests’ gallery.


I was fortunate to have professional photographer, Rob Davidson join me on my Newfoundland West Coast tour. He was there to observe, and advise my guests in a very casual, yet instructive manner. He teaches many photography classes at Ryerson – Chang School and facilitates his own workshops in his Liberty Village studio. Check out Robsinlight for more information on his workshops and blog. Check out Rob’s Gallery.

Allan Parke hails from Leslieville and has published four photography books creating real life romantic situations of mannequins who seem to exude their own personalities from behind store windows. You can find his books for sale online at Check out Allan’s Gallery

Pierre Nasralla is originaly from Egypt and have travelled to many places through out the world. One comment he made on the most recent tour was “Why was the Tablelands not on the Most Beautiful Drives list?” Good question Pierre. Check out Pierre’s Gallery.

Dorothy Lee is passionate about photography and her goal on this trip was not only to take beautiful pictures but to capture the essence of being in West Newfoundland. As you tour through her gallery you will see evidence of how much fun we had as we explored the majesty of this unique landscape. Check out Dorothy’s Gallery.

John Wallace has been a member of the Beach Photo Club for more than ten years. He’s also a member of F8 a small group of photographers for whom I bartend for twice a year at the Women’s Art Society of Ontario. He’s travelled to many countries, creating beautiful books he publishes just in time for the first F8 show and manages to include these beautiful images in that years theme. Check out the Next F8 Show November 13th, 14th evenings and 15th, afternoon. Check out John’s Gallery.

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