The Idea

For some reason I thought I had already wrote an article about my project. But when I went to look for a link to send to someone, I found that I didn’t. How disappointing. For those who don’t know about the project let me first say that Rob gave me the idea when I was printing an image for one of the Beach Photo Club contests. One of the other members of Casual Tuesdays  or Photographers Anonymous had  popped into the studio to pick up some equipment and  asked what the prints were for. Rob told her I was an anachronism. Nither she nor I knew what that meant, but now I know it means a juxtaposition in time. For example me in a a 1940’s polka dot dress with a necklace of pearls at The Local in Liberty Village with the Olympic  Women’s Westling on the TV’s above the bar. Who does that? And I don’t mean women’s wrestling.

From then on, I adopted the term for myself and developed it into a continuous project where, Moi (to use Miss Piggy’s term) dresses in period costume and take self portraits. I had planned three different backdrops for studio shooting. Two of which have been enacted already and one more to go. As you know I’ve already done some on location shoots when I was home in Cape Breton in Gabarus and Peter’s Field. The last background is based on an idea from a painting dating back the eighteenth century when Madame Du Berry commissioned a painting from Watteau of a woman on a swing with her lover looking on and no doubt, up her skirts. In my research, I ‘ve since found that many studio’s in then Edwardian period have photographed women on a swings.  For this, I plan on buying many fake flowers lacing them through the rope of the swing in the studio. There’s some astro turf that I might use or, I may use the mottled green muslin for the floor as well, if it’s along enough. I’ll have to try both.

There is one other set I’d like to build, but I’m afraid it would be way over my budget. While still living in the Beaches, I had picked up a roll of floral wall paper that looked as though it would have decorated an Edwardian home. My first idea was to adhere it to canvass so I can roll it up and take it with me wherever. I’m told the glue will not stick to the fabric. Then someone suggested S1 Studios Toronto for set rentals. One would actually rent a blank frame in what ever quantity you desired, supports are extra and you have the option of building said set yourself or hiring someone to build it for you. There are daily or weekly rates. It’ll be worth it to rent everything for the week to get your moneys worth. But then I thought, there are so many beautiful historic houses already furnished for the part. Why not solicit to these places, so I’m currently drafting a letter to do so.

The following posts are about the journey for that look, feel and authenticness of an Edwardian portrait, though I’m working digitally in modern circumstances. All my life I’ve been told I’m from another time and here is my chance to explore my old soul.