She Transcends – Toronto – 2018

From July 2017 to March 2018, Pierrette and I embarked on what all artists dream of, an exhibition that marks the growth between Hobbyist and Artist, Girl to Woman, emerging artist to…… Ok…. so we’re not established. Yet. But this is only the beginning.

After a rainy afternoon and in Toronto Pierrette Masimango, a fellow photographer, met me at the Pour House on Dupont St in the Annex. She wanted to meet to propose we launch a photography exhibition with two other people, pulling our work together for Women’s International Day on March 8th.

March 8th was not our opening party as we had hoped it would be, but our closing party. The Journey in between was miraculous and a tremendous learning curve from beginning to end. I will not bore you with everything we learned. Perhaps that will be another post. However….

Our first lesson, much to the disappointment to all our hopeful hearts, was – not all galleries are akin to the emerging artists plight especially when there is commission involved. One such gallery praised our work, but turned us down simply because photography didn’t sell. Pierrette had submitted our proposal at 5pm. We heard back from them at 9am the next day. Then we found Art Square Gallery where many people I know had shown there before.

Although we had two of our artists bow from the show, Pierrette and I were determined to carry on. Pierrette presented her work, “Dear Diary” in a narrative of childhood memories. She had found a beautiful child model that looked like Pierrette at the same age. I had finally brought my project, “The Anachrosnist” into the light of day finding frames to suite each image even finishing my dress, with Mom’s help, in the eleventh hour.

The photos that follow are a token of the closing party for those of you who were unable to make it that evening. Thank you to those who came opening night, closing night and in-between, and for all the wonderful comments in our guest book.