The Anachronist

You Interrupted My Book For This?

For the past 3 years, I’ve embarked a journey of self identification, discovering the woman I was a hundred and more years ago.

The Anachronist Project has involved many hours in the studio, many hours stitching period correct costumes and many hours researching and creating the perfect settings to give all her images an authentic feel.

As it’s my first on going project, I feels strongly of its importance in mt life to keep discovering parallels of the on going struggle of woman hood.

My Team

Ekaterina Konysheva

I first met Kai through Model Mayhem when I posted a casting call for Edwardian Hair stylists. She had replied showing her enthusiasm, but as her profile was makeup artist, I initially didn’t take heed. It wasn’t until she messaged me directly with examples of her amazing hair styles that I took her seriously. From then on she’s been a part of my Anachronist Team. I trust her so much so that I’ll ask her to choose a style in the Edwardian vain. Only once in a while do I ask for something specific. When she travels home to Russia, I will wait for her return before booking a shoot.

You can view more of Kai’s work on Facebook, Instagram and model Mayhem.

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