July 29th, 2015

The Following Photos were Submitted by @Lammer

We had lovely morning, our last moments in Reykjavik. Sigrun, her Mom, Margret, Colleen and I went to a lovely café with antique furniture called Stofan. If I would spend any time in the city on my own for a longer stay, I would frequent this place. They had really nice carrot cake. The woman who made it had on a pretty pink floral apron which I took a picture of to make myself.

I bought a few more items, which were on my list. I was on the lookout for an Icelandic folk or Fairy tale book. Margret was able to point one out saying that they were typical stories that were told to generations of Children. It was my main reading material on the plane home in between looking at my phone photos and editing them.

OMG, had this annoying older gentleman as a seat companion (there were three abreast) who hogged the armrest and flung his sweater at me when he got up to use the bathroom. He kept elbowing me when he would reach into his bag for this if that. I would say he was the worst seat companion I’ve ever had. Oh well, I was bound to get someone like that sooner or later. I doubt he will be the last. His wife sounded like Chandler’s annoying girlfriend, who said his name like nails down a chalkboard. Oh the ilk’s of traveling.

Security and customs of the airports are nothing worth speaking of except all was painless until we reached luggage collection. That was the longest time we had to wait for anything. The bus and subway were blessedly quick, though I think I may have fallen asleep from Kipling to Bathurst. Sleep I did, when I got home. First thing I did was get a shower. For supper, I heated Alphagetti, then called Mom and hit the hey.