July 28th, 2015

The Following Photos were Submitted by @Lammer

At last a day where we could sleep in. That we did, at least until almost noon. When we did finally get going, we met with Sigrun who took us to different parts of the city. There was the sculpture garden, then a beautiful grave yard, tree-covered and serene. All the graves were set close together with walls of mossy cement to divide them. The graves themselves were not very exciting however. I didn’t see a stone angel or lamb anywhere in the place, but then again, we didn’t explore the whole thing. I vowed to go again tomorrow with the 4×5 before we left to get some pictures.

After the cemetery, Colleen went back to the Harpa to redo some photos she wasn’t able to get before. Sigrun and I went the address where she was staying, to wait for her Mom to arrive from the cottage. It was so nice to see Margaret again. We had a lovely girls afternoon of shopping. Margaret found a dress to wear to an up and coming wedding from a custom design boutique. A place where if you didn’t like the size or colour of one that was already made, no problem, you can order it to be made in this colour and size.

Sig’s and I both found something at a vintage store. Well, I found two things. A pair of funky striped denim overalls which are colourful to say the least. Perhaps it was a hasty purchase, but they are really comfortable. I also bought what was, is, very much a “me” dress. A dress that looked like it was from the 40’s with some very pretty lace around the neck. Margaret said if I didn’t buy it, I was crazy because it was so me. SO those purchases brought my search for an Icelandic sweater to an end.

The night ended at Kex. A restaurant/ hostel/ bar that hosted jazz every Tuesday. What a great band! I would go there every Tuesday to listen to Jazz. Every walk of life was there. Everyone from the hippy to the businessperson. I had a simple, yet delicious meal. I realize now, I haven’t talked much about the gastronomical experience whilst in Iceland. SO Let me describe to you this last meal. It was nothing more than a thick slice of your grandmothers homemade bread topped with a goodly size wheel of melted goat cheese on top. Around this were pieces of cold cut meats like a prosciutto. The cut started with a “B” and I can’t remember it’s name for the life of me. But, Man! It was so delicious! It filled the gullet and the soul so wholly and completely, That’s how satisfied I was. A perfect ending to a perfect trip.