About Sarah and Sarahndipity

Book Interupted

Capturing pleasant surprises to make the ordinary, beautiful.

Having two artistic parents, it wasn’t hard for to inherit the love of drawing and painting. This love of art has evolved into photography. I’m lucky to have been nurtured to believe in my skills as an artist by my family and friends.

Living in The Beaches is like living in a larger Baddeck. Even though I’m in Toronto, I feel as though I’m still connected to my roots. I work full-time, a recent Ryerson graduate from the Photography Certificate and attend part-time classes at George Brown creating my own certificate from Tour Operator Management, Marketing and Business to work towards an Experiential Photographic Tour business in Cape Breton. See my post, “Tailored to Suite”.

I’ve been a member of The Beach Photo Club and the Toronto Photography Meet Up Group for four years. As excursion coordinator of the executive team, I lead day trips to discover Ontario’s back yard. Beyond that I’ve lead groups to Cape Breton and Mainland Nova Scotia. It goes without saying that when I’m home on my beloved Cape Breton Island, I take the time to rediscover my own backyard.

3 thoughts on “About Sarah and Sarahndipity

  1. Hi Sarah! I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your photographs and the accompanying written pieces about your excursions. My favourite one was of the little mushrooms:) You definitely have a creative sensibility which is quite evident in your work. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with the world.


  2. Hi Sarah. I think you sent me an email recently through my webpage, wanting to dialog about LF photography. Unfortunately, with a slip of the finger, I deleted your message. If this is the wrong Sarah, just let me know. Happy October! Lillian


    • Hi Lillian, Good to hear from you and Happy October to you as well. I wanted to pick your brain about your 4×5 photography, processing, etc. Do you develop your work yourself? Scan the negatives just incase?
      Last night, I became a member of Gallery 44 a photographers film network which I’m really excited about. I’ve recently completed scanning my 4×5 images and am ready to post an article about that. Stay tuned.


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