Home Sweet Home – July 15th to 16th


If one stays in Halifax on the weekend, one cannot miss the Halifax Farmers Market. It’s always been my favorite place to go on Saturday morning ever since I was a kid. The location has changed over the years, from the Alexander Keith’s Brewery to the Halifax Harbour front. I’ve heard, however, that there are still vendors at the Brewery Market as it’s been called among the locals for many, many years.

It was one stop shopping for stamps in the Good Cheer Trail passport. Well… they actually didn’t have stamps. Some of the people who manned the booths (they weren’t always a direct employee of the company) hadn’t heard about the passport, thus didn’t have stamps. In this case, I asked them to initial the squares.

The decision maker to move back to Nova Scotia – eventually – sooner rather than later – hopefully – was the new Halifax Library. It beautiful inside, with a theater open to the rest of the interior where the acoustics traveled to the third floor. Being so enraptured with the beauty of the building, I wasn’t paying attention to what sections were on what floor. Just taking note that there was a café on the first and fourth floor, the theater and a wall of what looked like instagram art behind a set of computers replacing the carding system. The forth floor juts out like a rubriks cube in mid spin. Attached to that is a janga block of floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall glass with a smattering of chairs and sofas among the book shelves. This would be my favorite area to sit. I could tell regulars would covet it. From that piece is an exit to a roof top patio with tables and chairs. The roof that is not a seating area is planted with low-lying plants like clover and a pretty yellow flower I don’t know the name of. As long as I can get internet, it would be another favorite spot to read and get work done. Back to the inside, the stairs crisscross over each other making a dazzling display of cubism, geometrics and I can assure you I whipped out my camera and explored many angles from underneath. The Halifax Central Library is the most beautiful modern library I’ve ever been in. It certainly blows the Toronto Resource Library out of the water. Though I don’t think it’s considered a beauty.

The boardwalk, is always a nice stroll. Never a dull moment especially with two huge yachts anchored. There are many shops and restaurants to dip into and explore. My personal favorites are the Rum Runners – Where you can buy to die for rum cakes. Cows Ice Cream – a small store with some gifts but many choices of ice cream and a loooooooong line up every time. Murphy’s, Salty’s and my new favorite, Hamachi House, complete with a show of open grill cooking. The sushi, by the way, is superb. My lobster roll was so fresh; I had a piece of claw in it. I won’t complain, as it’s a testament to the usage of real, fresh lobster. Unlike canned imitation crab in some places. I also had the hurricane roll a spicy version of the Halifax roll with salmon, tuna, shrimp and cucumber. MMMMmmmmm……. Mom had the teriyaki salmon and Aunti Rie, the chicken udon, also very yummy! I had to try everything! I was so pleased to have enjoyed it so much. It’s my experience that Asian restaurants are touch and go, but not so with Hamachi House. I strongly recommend going here. You can sit outside, but the grills are inside and if you want the experience, call to ask about reservations as they book every two hours. The one thing I wish we could have experienced (maybe next year) is a nautical dining experience a la Pete Luckett. On the boardwalk you can buy tickets for Wine on the Water every Wednesday at 7pm, for $99 (maybe not). Then again there are many other gourmet experiences on the water to choose from.

Halifax is full of surprises. Like an old friend spotting us walking up Spring Garden Rd from a beer garden. A – I didn’t know Halifax had a beer garden and B – Small world! To think E. would have been down town at the moment and saw us. It was wonderful! We had set out for a bite for lunch somewhere after the library and getting very cranky in the process, but lo and behold the sun came out again. Quite literally I might add. The Valley’s hot weather had followed us across the mainland. We decided to meet with E. at the farmers market next morning for more of a visit.

The last surprise was so Toronto like. A Tango group, Tango Nova, had set up on the boardwalk at the wisteria trellis, dancing to old tango tunes. They were so fluid in their movements, sweeping their feet behind them and turning their partners effortlessly, it was like watching the smooth waves on the harbour beyond. Mom suggested I take classes should I be serious about moving back, but I think I would get involved in so many other things, or just take my good old time in reacquainting myself with Halifax again.

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