I’ve plunged into the world of Instagram under the nom de plum, Boutstrap. A name given to me by my co-workers from the time we played floor hockey which is about the time one of the “Pirates of the Caribbean ” came out. How this is all connected? Beats me.

Yes, it took me long enough. Here’s to embracing Social Media.

Dawn of a New (to me) Lens

Before Christmas, I ordered a used 20mm, 2.8 lens from Henry’s. I just missed receiving it by two days as I was going to my sisters in Kanata for the holidays. It was about time I bought one, though I had misgiving about its quality because it was used.

As you know, my original 50mm was not focusing correctly in he end. What if my 20mm had the same issues? I had asked for advice on facebook and read an article from B&H on how to do a focus test. The author of the article said he printed out a chart 16×20, put his camera on a tripod and shot the chart. Rob did this when I brought my old 50mm to the studio. Because I was ill when I got back from holidays, I didn’t have the energy to go to Staples and print a poster size chart, but I did walk throughout The Beaches taking pictures. And now that I’ve finally taken the time to look at them, I didn’t have to worry.

The most successful test was a bush full of birds on Wineva Ave. There must have been dozens in there! How many can you see?

The main reason why I got the 20mm lens was for studio work and for shooting Lindy and Sigrun when they perform. I see myself using it only occasionally for landscapes, though that what the lens is for. There’s always the issue of the edges distorting. Most of the time I prefer to shoot a landscape within a landscape (my micro landscapes), which would require my teleconverter.

For Christmas, I was given a $100 gift card for Henry’s and another $100 cash. Hmmmm…….. I wonder if I should go for extension tubes next, or another speed light for off camera flash photography, or a portable battery for studio lights, or…….

Tune in for the final count of the birds. Whoever is closest wins a set of 6 handmade, blank-inside greeting cards made by Yours Truly. You can send me a personal email with your mailing address within. I guarantee this information will be deleted as soon as I mail you your cards.

Happy Counting!