July 27th, 2015

The Following Photos were Submitted by @Lammer

We made the Blue Lagoon just in time. Sadly, we weren’t able stay as long as we wanted. As soon as you nestled into the 30 degree water, your body immediately turned into jelly. I wanted to walk or swim the perimeter of the pool, but that in itself zapped too much energy. The edge of the pool is shallow, thus one is able to lean back against the wall and rest their head on the deck, soaking in the sun on yet another beautiful day. The package we bought was $60, which included a sample facemask and other things, a free drink, we chose a delicious strawberry sparkling wine to hit the spot, and our entrance. I’d come again, though I would like to try the other one in the north where it’s less touristy, though the pool is smaller. With the group perhaps. Next time.

Good bye car. Even though we were a half hour late returning the car, Europecar didn’t ding me like Enterprise did, for anther day. Thank You Lord! Icelanders are so much more relaxed than Ontarians. East Coasters are so much more relaxed than Ontarians.

After returning the car, I took a nap. We were so much on the go, I felt I could finally rest and not stress out about whether I locked the car or not., or if would be towed away because I couldn’t figure out how to use he parking machine. The dream or nightmare, I had that afternoon encompassed this. I was driving around Reykjavik and getting lost when I saw a bunch of dogs running towards policeman. They were shooting the dogs with phaser guns, evaporating in thin air. Some dogs were being pushed into a raging river we passed yesterday. A River Sigrun said, were people committed suicide because there was no mercy. I asked the police why they were doing this. They said there was an over populous of dogs in the city, even the ones with collars and licenses. Then, all of a sudden I was driving a transit bus through a fountain, which was a right of way. But somehow a grate underneath started to give way and the bus started to float on it’s own. Luckily I was able to drive the bus back out of the fountain unharmed though Colleen and I were the only people in it.

Later that day, we went into town shopping for souvenir gifts for people back home. I was able to find some things. There was so much to choose from, something for everyone really, but T-shirts were really more expensive than necessary. For supper, we met Sigrun at Bunk Bar, a Mexicana place. So strange in most of the restaurants in the city, you have to go to the bar to order and pay for your food. I have to admit, I like this better because when you are done eating, you don’t have wait for the bill.

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