July 24, 2015

The Following Photos were Submitted by Lammer

We arrived in downtown Reykjavik at around 2:30 am Iceland time. Sigrun and her boyfriend, Mez were there to meet Colleen and I. No, I should tell you first of the sunset.

As we flew over Greenland you could tell the evening sun was on snow. It was golden pink. When we descended, the sun was just setting. About the same as our 8 pm twilight at this time of year. The clouds across the sky made for an amazing sunset. Colleen and I were taking many phone photos from the porthole. I think we both had the same hope that we would experience more sunsets like this in the days to come. They are indeed the photographers ideal of a sunset. Long lasting and no need to race to it. Though I say that now. The sun set at midnight. There were still colours in the sky by the time we got to Sigrun’s cottage like apartment.

Before settling in for the night we chatted about the next day. I have to pick up a wireless device, Trawire that will allow us internet access no matter where we go in Iceland. I wonder if it was necessary though. We’ll see. I am however curious to see how it works. If it’s all I hope it will be, I’d like to by one for my tours. The device itself is $120 on Amazon.ca. Thereafter, you have to get the sim card and so much data.

It wasn’t just the quantity of daylight that kept me up, it was the anticipation of seeing new sites. Although this is a foreign place, I feel perfectly at ease with it. It’s akin to Newfoundland. So far.

Oh, and one more thing. I am such a dumbass. I’m heartily ashamed to admit the following, but here it goes! The only camera I brought was my 4×5. Ok my phone to, but that doesn’t count. I can’t believe I forgot to pack my DSLR! I even went through the trouble of traveling all the way to Liberty Village to borrow Rob and Nadia’s 24mm lens. Like come on! I wanted to have a wide angle so my photos could have a sense of place, unlike most of my Newfoundland photos. Perhaps it’s a photographical Godsend. I have 48 sheets of 4×5 film with me. That’s nine shots per day. Shots that are defiantly going to get messed up along the way, but at least I have this challenge. It’ll just be a lot of shit to carry.

8:28pm Iceland Time -4:28am Toronto Time
This morning Colleen and I walked to get the wireless device. I had an email the day before with self-service instructions to pick it up above the mail boxes of the lobby of a furniture store. I thought this a little shady but when I collected it, I admitted that it was a easy. A drop off at a local hotel would have been $15 extra. None-the-less we had a good walk and got to see an uglier side of Reykjavik. The street west, south and north of the city certainly have more character.

For brunch, Sigrun brought us to a nice breakfast place called Laundromat. A lovely, vibrant café with tones of paperback novels skirting the central coffee bar. Earlier, I had packed my 4×5 in a borrowed MEC knapsack. Along with all my loaded film backs. As it happened, I did use up one back. The first image was in the coffee shop. I unfolded on the table, pointed it towards the coffee bar. There was beautiful light coming in and thankfully, the café was not congested enough for anyone to walk into it. The revealing of my 4×5 struck up a nice conversation with the couple next to us. They were from Sweden. She was an ambassador for Canon, and reminisced about her bathroom darkroom days.

The second photo was taken in a concert hall where Sigrun is going to sing in the fall. As luck would have it, they were setting up for a function. Apart from the main room there were sitting room, each with antique furniture. I took a photo of the one with the sun streaming through the window. It was casting beautiful shadows of the table with flowers and the chairs to either side of it.

The afternoon was spent discovering all the cute nook and crannies of Reykjavik. There are so many narrow streets with houses of all sorts, all with characters. I didn’t see a lawn space that was miss-used or ugly. There were trees I’ve never seen before, lilacs were at the end of their season, best of all, daisies popped up out of no where, side walk cracks, around street lamps, you name it.

My day ended at a pub called Kudur. It was the second watering hole we went to. I was done at the first one, but was persuaded to go to the other. It was still early, so I went, had a rum and coke, was social for a time, and left when there was talk of moving on then staying. I am not a pub crawling girl. I don’t stay out and party. You can call me a stick in the mud, but I don’t do it.

11:10pm (7:10pm), almost midnight.
Tomorrow we rent a car. If I had more energy, I would stay up to watch the sunset. As it is, I’m going to throw in the towel and get ready for bed. Goodnight.

Oh to update you on the Trawire device. I can connect quite easily with my phone the lap top is having issues however. I may not be able to post anything still.

2 thoughts on “July 24, 2015

  1. I can relate to your forgetting the camera Sarah…there IS always something, but what it teaches us is to go with what we have. Too much gear just does not allow for simplicity and discovering what might be all around you! Iceland sounds amazing…


    • Thanks Joanne, I really appreciate the comment. On the flip side…. I got my 4×5 negatives back and they look great. I can’t wait to sneak into Ryerson to get the negatives scanned. Either that or Ask Janet for her 4×5 enlarger to print my own from scratch.


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