Iceland – July 23rd, 2015

The Following Photos Were Submitted by Lammer

My first international flight EVER. I’m still in a cloud of non-belief. At the moment, I realize I’m on a plane. Yes, I am traveling somewhere. So you see, the full extent of this trip hasn’t shown its face to me. Leading up to it, I went through the motions of planning, packing, booking tickets to the Blue Lagoon, booking a rental car, yet all of these things was just another part of the passing of days.

The map in front of me tells me we’re flying over the Labrador Sea. We’re miles away from Greenland, which is covered with snow in the image. We flew over real mountains that at first were the same colour of the tablelands, then, they became white. I had the impression that there were layers upon layers of snow. The peaks we saw were really only that. The tip of the iceberg. The last of this years icebergs on their way to Canada, had already reached St. Anthony. When you consider we had a 5 hour flight with the plane traveling so many hundreds of km per hour, it’s not hard to imagine how the icebergs off the coast of Greenland will be next years icebergs.

It’s 8:56 pm in Iceland now, 4:56 Eastern Standard time. Our arrival time is 11:26. Close to midnight. The sun will not be completely down. Though I traveled to Los Vegas, I can’t remember how my body dealt with the time change. I wonder.

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