June 21st, 2015

Arrived at port in North Sydney around 7:30ish am. Drove home the “Mountain Way”, as I call it. One of my favorite drives on a series of back roads through hills that are put to shame after the hills we saw in Newfoundland. The road was in rough shape and I went through many a pothole. Poor rental car.

Finally home! Sydney Forks. I decided to get the repacking of my suite case over and done with almost immediatley. I divided what beer I brought back between my “stock drawer” in my bedroom and my suitcase. Shells, rocks, my black jacket, were also left at home. And while we waited for our two O’clock flight, I signed up for Icontact and did other various things on my computer. We thought we’d have time to go out to eat, but The Old Triangle (nee, Joe’s Warehouse), being Fathers Day was slow even though it wasn’t packed so we left for lack. From there, I said good bye to Mom, as she wasn’t following us to the airport.

Lunch at the airport and snoozing on the plane. I was ever so glad to fall into bed when I got home. Ever so glad to see my cats, though I had a tremendous earful from Lizzy and no doubt again when I get back from Iceland.

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