June 20th, 2015

This morning we all piled into Treasure Box for their fantastic fishcake special. Mmmm. I love fishcakes. My group also had the opportunity to raid the gift shop to pick up last minute souvenirs. Rob found a sweater for him and Nadia. Pierre a gift for his little girl, Janet, partridge berry, baked apple spread and moose pate, to name a few.

Before we left for breakfast, I asked everyone to make sure they were packed and ready to go. All we would have to do is load up the cars, check out and get out of Dodge. The weather was beautiful on the way back to the airport, but I didn’t want to stop because Pierre had an earlier flight than everyone else. He was continuing on to St. John’s for a few days. As it happened, we did have a little time to spare if we wanted to stop once. Oh well. We said our adieu’s, see you again on the other side so Rob, Mom and I could continued on our way to Port Aux Basque to catch our midnight ferry.

Boy, did we have time to kill. Boy, did Rob make good use of it! Just before Corner Brook we veered off onto a picturesque cul-de-sac that eventually led to Cox’s Cove. It followed the coastline parallel to the TCH. Along the way we saw something that looked like a sign-board nestled in the hill. As we took the dirt road leading to it, we realized it was a drive-in movie theater. In the parking lot, there was a fellow shoveling gravel into the back of his pick up truck. As I was setting up my 4×5, Rob chatted with the guy finding out the drive-in closed 15 years ago. However, 2 summers ago, someone set up a projector on the roof of a car having a turn out of 50 people. What a great idea for enterprising young individuals, especially in the summer. The guy who was shoveling dirt said the last movie he saw there, was “Jaws” made in 1975.

We continued to the end of the peninsula, Cox’s Cove. It was the best little side adventure one could ask for. Not only did we meet the man himself, Mr. Gordie Cox, founder of Cox’s Cove, but were treated to the tastiest lobster caught not but a half hour ago, just cooked and still warm. It was the last of 12. By God, it had all three of our names on it. In Newfoundland there is no rule against catching female lobsters. I have never seen one holding SO many eggs! The cooked roe was akin to the most tender of liver from any animal. It was my favorite part. Just think of all those tiny baby lobsters……. on second thought, better not to think of it. Lobster was once considered a poor mans food and to those who live on the coast it’s the most accessible food there is. But for those who sell it at market price, they earn good money and are able to afford all the nice, new, large houses we came across.

Gordie’s grandson stayed to chat with us. He’s a quite young feller. Mom asked if he couldn’t wait to get of Newfoundland. He had just graduated from high school, but he said he didn’t want to leave. He loves the place he was bourn and bred into and hopes to become a fisherman like his father and his father before him. He truly was a boy after my own heart. Though I did make the leap to leave Cape Breton, I still want to go back to live.

Cox’s Cove is surrounded my majestic beauty. The word “majestic” is a pauper’s word still to describe its aching beauty. In one direction is Penguin point, a hill tall and proud like a sentinel, an apt perch for a deity to guard its people. There are three branches of inlets. One leads to (LOOK AT THE MAP), another to (LOOK AT MAP) and the last to (LOOK AT MAP). Gordie offer to take us in his boat if we had more time. That would have made my day absolutely perfect.

Next thing I knew, there was a great Newfoundland dog being led towards us. Her name was Rosie and was very affectionate. I was happy to give her belly rubs while Rob took pictures of Gordie. Gordie, I might add was the quintessential rugged Newfoundlander you could ever lay eyes on. I took a portrait of him as well. His deep wrinkles, leathery skin, mustache and Relic toque made for a wonderful black and white image. Though I prefer the coloured image of him with his handmade, orange dory in the background.

Our last stop in the area was yet another beautiful vista of hills and water. A trail led to a steep staircase., though neither Rob nor I attempted to climb down. It was in such bad shape. In Corner Brook, and back on track once again, Rob still in the drivers seat had scoped out with his eagle eyes, a café on the hill that had wonderful coffee and sandwiches. It was a beautiful day, and though still a little chilly, we couldn’t resist sitting on the balcony to enjoy our meal.

Once in Port Aux Basque we STILL had time to kill. We drove around, gassed up and had a snack at Tim’s before boarding the ferry. Even though we had time to kill after that, there was no line up at the ferry terminal. They didn’t even have the car wash on to sanitize our vehicle. They just waved us through after their preliminary questions of if we were carrying plants or potatos . There werent many people aboard, but because we were early we waited on board for the ferry finaly make her departure. The night was foggy, much to my dismay. I wanted to see the stars from the sundeck. A romantic image from “Titanic” when Rose is in the water waiting to be recued. We did watch, however, the lights of Port Aux Basque slip away. In retrospect, I wish we could have been in the town a little sooner. Not for any want of activity. The only thing that was going on was Bingo night. No, It would have been a wonderful sunset opportunity. We caught glimpses of it in between the hills and again on a craggy point in town.

NEVER AGAIN SHALL I DO THE MIDNIGHT FERRY RUN AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN SHALL I BOOK A FLIGHT WITHIN HOURS OF A CONNECTING FLIGHT! “Let’s not do that again.” Rob said. As the both of us slumped, heavy eyed into our seats. I think it’s the only…. No wait, the second time I ever slept on a flight. Normally I don’t sleep while I travel. The ferry, well, precious little sleep was gotten then. I’d say 3 hours? But I’m slipping into present tense.

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