June 19th, 2015

As part of the itinerary for my tours, I usually have a free day. This free day, however, didn’t work out quite as planned. I gave people the option of signing up for a third boat tour to Western Brook Pond. Which everyone did except form Mom and I. We did it last year. Even though it was magnificent, we didn’t want to do it again. Anyways, the boat tour didn’t happen. We would have had to make a mad dash from St. Anthony to almost Rocky Harbour for everyone to make the boat for noon. Instead, our last free day was spent driving back at amore leisurely pace revisiting places we went to in the downpour on the way up.

We did more than that. Before we came to Eddies Cove , we saw moose by the roadside. My vehicle didn’t stop. But Mom told me after that they came to a screeching halt, backed up and took some photos, which were apparently all off the wrong end of the animal. Allan was delighted to see he moose. Even though we have them in Ontario, especially Halibuton and Algonquin, they were few and far between for the average amount that is known to be a huge populous in Newfoundland. Indeed, when you drive along the 431 north, there’s a sign that counts the casualties of moose accidents within a season. The sign read 0 on the way up, but 4 on the way back.

Once in Eddies Cove, you see the ocean… the St. Lawrence…. We were met with clift line coast of crashing waves. Far out deep swells heaved over each other. I had Rob pull over to a place Mom and I stopped last year. A place with a grey shed and lobster traps. I’ve used this image before in my promotional materials if you may remember. Everyone put Rob’s anchoring technique into place as the force of the wind pushed you around. Legs apart, archery stance, elbows in. Although I put my camera on burst, I didn’t see in the majority of shots I took, the image I had hoped I would. Next time, I’ll breath with the rise and fall of the water. Waiting for a rhythm to take place, waiting for the moment when… the perfect wave dashes itself against the rocks.

Flowers cove is home to the Thrombolites , living rocks that live only here and in Australia. The explanation of what they truly are is still obscure. Neither Wikipedia nor the sign board at the site give a proper layman’s terms definition of what these creatures are What makes Newfoundland so unique and in some ways similar for them to survive here? I still don’t understand but have taken the fact that they are here at face value. These microbial creatures are living and quite interesting to see and contemplate.

The arches, by this time, were lovely. Vibrant green tufts of grass on the top. Glowing from the sea spray inside and incredibly moody against the dark clouds and foamy waves. It was great to spend a little more time there, as we weren’t able to fully appreciate it before. I think John may have picked up some beach rocks. I did, but will leave them in Cape Breton instead of adding more weight to my luggage. Bringing home Quiddy Viddy Beer is more important than rocks I’m afraid.

Instead of Earls this night for supper when we got back into town, we went to Fisherman’s Landing. They had moose sausage on the menu. Something I wasn’t able to get when the power was out. It was quite delicious, through perhaps a little over cooked. Though I tried to look out for butcher shops on the way up towards St. Anthony, they all looked closed. Even on the way back. No luck.

Because it was still relatively early after all was said and done, there was time for one last critique, everyone was present in Rob’s cottage where we were able to hook up the laptop via HDMI. Some of us during this critique did laundry which was close by and open 24/7. When you pack frugally, it’s nice to have clean clothes especially if you have a 5 hour, over night ferry ride ahead of you. Besides not having internet or a second remote to the TV for the older cottages, Mountain Range Cottages were ideal. Not too expensive but with essential creature comforts.

The most rewarding part of the critique and the entire trip maybe, was to hear Allan’s convert testimonial to these critiques. Everyone agreed that it was a harsh word to begin with. It doesn’t at all define the discussing of the groups images. That’s why some people were a little iffy about coming if they came at all. No doubt my group was able to get great tips from Rob, but all agreed that a new word should be used in the future. If anyone has any suggestions that doesn’t sound so class-roomy or workshopish, please don’t hesitate to let me know. You can leave a comment.

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