June 17th, 2015

Compared to today we really lucked out with the drizzling rain we had yesterday and the day before. That was nothing compared to the down pour we had for our trip up to St. Anthony. The roads were rivers especially in the rutted sections where years of tires wore the asphalt down. I tried to stay to one side or the other out of danger of hydro planning, but it was either that of be too close to the steep ditch or on-coming traffic. It was definitely white knuckle driving at it’s best.

We stopped in St. Barbe for a reprieve at a place called Dockside Restaurant and Motel. It also tripled as a ferry terminal to Labrador. The restaurant was a throw back to decades past, a place that hadn’t been renovated for eons. Classic ply wood tables with gingham table clothes with plastic covers, Washed out photographs on the wall and the most basic of menu items one can think of.

Everyone was so hungry we just had to stop somewhere. Finding places on the 431 to St. Anthony online was difficult as it was. But when Pierre was served a moldy club sandwich, I was completely turned off my own bologna and fries. Regardless of the experience, I was once more rejuvenated to drive the rest of the way to our accommodations in St. Lunaire-Griquet.

Just as we arrived at our destination and settled in, the rain finally ceased. Since we were by then hungry again, we decided to walk down to a little place minutes down the street called The Daily Catch, where we were told there was really good Fish and Brewis. The place was jammed packed. There was a live band and one person sitting at a table of eight. Naturally we made a reservation for the next day, emphasizing to the owner that we were counting on the Fish and Brewis. He said no problem and we went on our merry way to the Norseman in L’Ans Aux Meadows, where we enjoyed jazzed up traditional meals. MMMmmmmm…….

On the way back we were followed by a brilliant purply – pink sunset that made everything a rosy hue. We stopped briefly to photograph pink icebergs. Friendly faces came to the door so proud of where they live, offering us directions to yet another spectacular view. It was then I decided that I would come back to spend more time in these harbour’s. I’d hike every trail, find every nook and cranny, bring my 4×5 and LOTS of film.

Since people were still energized we decided to take advantage and do a critique. The recording (the only one I did) can be found on the Newfoundland West Coast 2015 page. Once I download it. Even though we were able to eventually get the TV mirroring working at Mountain Range Cottages, it was refreshing to have everything work so effortlessly at http://www.stbrendansmotel.ca despite being further afield. We even had working internet that didn’t need a password.

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