June 15th, 2015

Norris point is nestled on the other side of the point 15 minutes from Rocky Harbour facing south into Bonne Bay. First on the agenda was the Bonne Bay Marine Station. Jessica, our knowledgeable guide, talked about how the bay was so deep, it held sub-artic temperatures. Because of this we have marine life living in its depth that would otherwise be living in the artic hemispheres. She showed us windows to tanks that had sea ravens, a sloth-like (in nature) fish that only moved when they were enticed with food and many other creatures of the ocean such as, sun fish, flounders, a blue lobster, though there’s one in Ripley’s Aquarium, and many more marine life.

The Bonne Bay Marine Station is a part of Memorial University in St John’s. This little section was put in Norris Point for its marine diversity, thus, one of the best places to learn marine biology. Jessica, however, was a phycology student. She took this summer job because she has a passion for learning this field of study. We all thought her a wonderful hostess and were delighted to see her again at Earls after supper. Her hair was let down and looked ready for an evening out. We were all touched when ask us how our boat tour was, spending the time to chat with us for a bit.

After the aquarium, we enjoyed a quick walk-around, some of us did a small hike up the hill. Rob had put on his 35mm tilt shift, capturing the marine station and other buildings for the quaintest look of model train landscapes. We had time to have a bite to eat and a drink before we set sail on the bay. Nary a whale could we see. But icebergs there were a plenty when we reached the mouth of the St. Lawrence.

LOL! This is how evil I am! Early in the planning stages of this tour, I contacted Bonne Bay Boat Tours to set up a Screeching In. I don’t know how, but almost everyone suspected what I had planned when the announcement came on to ask people to stay aboard after we docked to witness this age old tradition. “Are we staying on the boat?” Janet asked. “Maybe.” was all I said, but the game was up. They must have seen me talking to one of the crew.

We were each poured a shot of Screech, made to repeat an oath which many people attempted the Newfoundland accent with gusto. Unfortunately I can’t remember the oath, nor can I find it online. We then shot the Screech, danced a jig to “I’s the B’y” to the accompaniment of the traditional Newfoundland accordion, ended with the toast, “Long may your big jib draw!”

Clash of the Toutons – www. Downhome.com – Earls – So far my favorite why? Not too doughy on the inside, crispy on the top, but best of all, scruncions sprinkled on the top. – *****

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