June 14th, 2015

Who would have thunk it? A scheduled power outage at 7am this morning? The girls at the front desk at Mountain Range Cottage said they didn’t know about it. But when we went to Treasure Box, Lloyd had the generator going. He wouldn’t have food going, however, until 11am when the power came back on. Earls, same thing. The only place serving a limited breakfast was Fisherman’s Landing restaurant. Their limited menu seemed more than adequate however. A full breakfast, even fried bologna, [ba-low-na]. After our hike at Berry Hill and Berry Pond, we went back to Treasure box for lunch where I and others had the fishcake special (including the toutons).

Thanks to the map of Gros Morne I bought last year, Rob and I decided on an easy trail in a near by campground, Barry Hill and Barry pond. Besides there was a third with a waterfall, but was too long a hike for the morning. Especially when we were all getting very hungry.

I didn’t complete either of the two trails, much less attempt the third. I believe I made it half way up Berry Hill only because there were so many things in the first kilometer to photograph. The only mushrooms I came across (because it was still an early season for them in Newfoundland) were tiny orange mushrooms on a mossy log. I read in my new mushroom book (finally!), that this particular kind of mushroom cannot live independently, although it once did many years ago. You will always find them growing on a mossy log.

On Berry Pond Trail, I veered off the path to a tiny shoreline, too small to be called a beach. There were boulders and bleached dead trees in the water. The rocks were big and flat enough to sit or stand on. A great opportunity to get low and close to the water. Halfway across the footbridge on the other side of the pond was Tatania’s Bower in a beaver pond, a fly eating plant more like a venus Fly trap, an interesting rock that looked like a landscape reflected in the water. In the time it took John, Dorothy and I to take our photos in such a little distance, we decided it was too late to do the entire trail. Dorothy and I spotted the others directly across the pond walking at a good pace. I don’t regret not completing the trails. Not when there’s so much to explore.

This adventure wanted an afternoon nap. But once were had our batteries charged literally and figuratively, we all headed to Earls for supper, where a delicious meal of Jiggs Dinner awaited us. WOW! Was I wrong! Because of the power outage, they were not serving it. It made me wonder just how long my grandmother slaved over the hot stove, boiling the cabbage, potato, carrots and doing what ever is done to the salt beef. It was the only Sunday in Newfoundland! How we take our creature comforts for granted.

At Earls, we learned about the Clash of the Toutons [two-tones] or with the accent, [Taou-‘ens]. From here on in I will be rating the toutons I’ve ordered from each restaurant we go to.

Clash of the Toutons – www. Downhome.com – Treasure Box, Rocky Harbour, Cooked on through, crispy on top and bottom, nice with Molasses. ***

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