Day 1 – June 13th, 2015

The drive into Corner Brook was pretty much uneventful. We did see a moose on the hill beneath the power lines chomping on grass. First stop, Liquor store. My second stop would have been Mc Gowans meats and sausage makers, but Mom came back to report that it was no more. I’d like to say I cried, but, that wouldn’t have made them into existence anymore. So take your effing add off the yellow pages eh! Next Dominion, to get food for the night’s BBQ. A nice salmon steak was on sale, we bought small crappy US Corn on the cob, and a few other necessities. Hmmm I wonder if I paid tax on my sanitary napkins?

Deer Lake Airport. Half way between the size of the Halifax and Sydney airport. Picked up the rental van, and everyone else. I have hugs to everyone as they came in. John, I watched take photos of the airport, the plane and something else, aimed towards the airport. Full with greasy spoon lunch at the airport restaurant, we were on our way at last to start the adventure. But not without a stop to the liquor store and Coleman’s Grocer’s.

How bizarre is this! A boxer trotting up the hill in the middle of the road? WTF? “What do we do? Do we stop?” I asked Rob. “There’s nothing we can do. “ Then two more trotting down the road in the opposite direction. Say what? I’m sure some of us had a romantic notion of rescuing the dogs. Herding the into the car or the van. Gallantly Receiving much relived thanks from the owner for saving their dogs. *record scratch* Not a good idea. Dreams of grandeur, ain’t so grand.

As we drove through the vista of contrasting hills of green and snow, I could almost feel the collective thoughts of those in the van chomping at the bit to stop and take a photo. I thought about it, but I wanted to get to Mountain Range Cabins to get everyone settled. By the time we got there, people were more than willing to get dinner ready.

Steak, steak, steak kabobs, Marinated salmon steak, grilled vegetables including corn, salad and Birthday cake! Happy Birthday Janet! Wine, rum, beer, apple cider. Oh! And a game of Golf. probably now, the official Sarahndipity card game of the evenings. I managed to stay in the game with two points remaining. Janet, sadly ended with 108 points. Dorothy won her very first game. Good going Dorothy. Good Game everyone!

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