Newfoundland West Coast – Day ii

Didn’t sleep. Minimum 4 hours. Got up at 4:30, Because I woke up at that time, so why the heck not. You’ll forgive me if this entry is no as animated as it should be.

Car-2-Go was fantastic. We were able to put all our luggage in the trunk no problem. Traffic to the airport was really good. Dropped the car off at Four Points Sheraton,we walked the rest of the way to Terminal 3, took the terminal train to terminal 1 and started our count down of 90 minutes to boarding time. We got there in just enough time. What a laugh. Just when you think Check in at the kiosk is going well, whamo,the machine goes out of order. Ending up in the line up we originally wanted to get in but was sectioned off into a shorter line because our flight was leaving at 8.

Toronto to Halifax not a problem. Halifax to Sydney was another story. There was something wrong with the computers, but they were efficient enough to have a guy come right away to fix it. I spent most of my time staring out of the portal watching the topagraphical landscape slide beneath us. I pointed out to Rob the Canso Causeway, Iona with the b&b I almost worked at, the one that once fed the Prince of Whales at the time. As well as Alexander Grahame Bell, Mabel and Helen Keller, Among many other travellers passing through via boat and train.

My Mom’s cat, Micky just joined me for scritch-scrathches. Because I miss my cats terribly all ready, I can’t neglect him too long.

Picked up the Rental car a golden Malibu which reminds me of a car Barbie would drive if pink were not her favourite colour. Drove past the Drive-in which has revived after a season of inactivity. “Jurassic World” and something else. Went to the liquor store shoed Rob where the Glenora Rum and Scotch was while I got Propeller Porter. “You are now entering Sarah’s favourite drive home. That’s right, through Coxheeth, and down past Blackettes lake, where Rob spied a huge eagle. When I settled Rob into Christi’s, Genie was saying that the eagle was as tall as the picnic table!Can you imagine what its wing span must be?

Because we were antsy from the drive, I proposed a hike up Coxheeth hills, also known as the Firemen’s trail. It took us at least 2 hours return trip. The beginning of the trail is so damn steep, we were both huffing and puffing the first 5 minutes. When you get to the top, there’s a spectacular view of….. everything! To the East, a sea of trees as far as the horizon to the north, communities such as Membertou, Glace Bay, Sydney. North west, North Sydney and both ferries were in. To the south west, Georges River.

When we got back, we went to my favourite restaurant, Governors for supper. Had an amazing chicken burger and beer from Big Spruce, their seasonal blond which was very sprucy. As it should be.

Not much to report after eating. Didn’t go to Tasty Treat after all. Was way too busy. When we got home, gathered items together to put in the car tomorrow. Helped Mom to pack.

Sorry, What mistakes will have to stay tonight. I can’t keep my eyes open Getting up at 8am for Breakfast at Christi’s.


One thought on “Newfoundland West Coast – Day ii

  1. Great blogging for someone on 4 hours sleep Sarah…I remember ‘Jurassic World’…kind of a weird place. Enjoy your trip ‘Malibu Barbie’…


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