Newfoundland West Coast – Day i

June 10th, 2015

I suppose my time began when I slipped out at 4:30pm today because I just couldn’t sit still any more. I had caught up on everything at work and was a jack-in-the-box, never able to sit still. This happens to me every time I go home. So I slipped out, bought tokens at Shoppers Drugmart, deposited money at CIBC at the end of my street and went home.

We just had a magnificent thunderstorm earlier in the afternoon. As suspected, the air was incredibly muggy, I was glad to be wearing a sundress, but loathed the thought of changing into jeans to economize on packing space for the next day. When I was home, I did last minute packing, which wasn’t much to speak of, settled the cats, took my bicycle inside and did what dishes remained in the sink.

Luggage –
Large camera bag with – 4×5 Crown Graphic, 6 film backs, Canon 40D with new 50mm; 1.8 lens, battery charger for all types of batteries, speed light, Teleconverter, batteries, HDMI adaptor for Mac, HDMI cables and USB Cables both sorts, ,Walkie Talkies.

Small Suite case – Long sleeve shirts, Fisherman sweater, jeans, socks, undies, etc

Archery Bag – Which use to be for a TIFF advertising screen, then a tripod bag, archery bag…meh… multipurpose bag – heavy duty tripod for 4×5, light stand, studio umbrella, Black out blanket and Black bag.

Small Over the shoulder Camera Bag (which is doubling as a purse) – Wallet (tokens, hair elastics, bobby pins), “Finding Myself” By Toby Litt (recommend), Contact cases and glasses case.

Leave for the airport at 5:45 am tomorrow. Not sure if I’m going to get any sleep. Had a cocktail. Not sure if it’ll help. Will read if it doesn’t.

Listning to Electro Swing Revolution Radio Probably not the best music to listen to before going to bed. “If I knew you were coming, I’d bake a cake, backed a cake, baked a cake, howdy-do, howdy-do,howdy-do!”

OK. Good night.

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