50mm Prime Challange Continues!

Submitted to the Beach Photo Club newsletter for February 2014 – “Bruce Trail Part 5”

“….I’ve lately been given a challenge. As some of you know, my 18-200 Sigma lens is on the fritz.  When I set the focus to manual it still wants to focus automatically, even though it doesn’t. It has  a sick grinding sound when I turn the focus ring, yet doesn’t focus this way either. When on auto,  the lens will focus where ever it damn well pleases weather you want it or not. SO; for one year, I’m going to use my 50 prime. Saturday was the first day and I have to admit that it wasn’t so  much of a challenge (yet), more of a revelation[,] I have a love affair with [its] nice depth of field [especially when I put the teleconverter on it].

When I was taking shots of the boys, or a close up snowy branch I was pleased with the results. The Challenge will be if I can stick it out or not…….”

June 2015

So it looks as though I’ve outlasted the challenge and the lens didn’t. Good on me. But did it have to happen before we go to Newfoundland?

How did I find out? When I got back to Tobermory, I attended Photographers Anonymous on our usual Tuesdays. I had actually edited these through Lightroom, having never used it before. But the light bulb is slowly coming on as to how processing RAW files can be so much easier. More of that in another post I think. When looking at some of my images, we noticed they are out of focus when they shouldn’t have been. It was especially visible on an image I had taken of Amanda which we lovingly called “Babe in the Woods”. Drat, a nice photo that’s not at it’s full potential. At first I thought it was because it was a cold and rainy weekend and my hands were unsteady. But when I brought my camera into Rob’s studio, we did a test and sure enough, my 50 was out of whack. “You’re rough on your equipment.” Ron said. I laughed because I’m rough on anything. In sewing, I’ve stretched more material on the bias that I can shake a stick at. So the comment was, to me, quite an obvious  observation. “No, you are! You go on outings and you knock your camera about…” he said. ” I had this camera for 4 years.” I said. But, really, when I think of it, it’s only been knocked about for 16 months. According to the above excerpt form the newsletter.

So What to do but to get a new 50mm lens to bang about for another 4 years. My ideal would be to get the $400 50mm which has infinity on it. Why? I want to take photos of Star trails. I can’t see how one can do it successfully without having infinity on their focus ring. If you can explain to me how I might be able to achieve this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! For now, I’ll stick with the 50mm, 1.8 without infinity focus for $120. Save my money for the trip which is coming up in less than a week.

When does the challenge end? Well, let’s jus say, Christmas Bonus = 20mm prime.

Below are some photos from Tobermory, I’ve edited on in Lightroom and will be printing soon.

PS: Thanks to those 46 individuals who looked at my blog yesterday because of the changes I’ve made. They may not have been apparent, so I’ll explain. I re-ordered how my newsletters were listed. Newest first, instead of having to scroll down and down to get to it.

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