2: 10pm

This is a test to see if this shows up on “My ftp Upload” site which I’m building more specifically for my website.

I want to know if I delete all my blog items on on that site, will it effect the items on my bog site?

if anyone can answer this question, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hmmmmmm…… This post didn’t show up on the other one. This is a good sign. Maybe I should copy and paste my oldest blog, “The Beginning”, before I actually delete it. I have a feeling it would be a wise decision.


OK. The Post, “The Beginning” is still on the blog. Good Stuff. Now I can continue to delete the other posts. I Should still proceed with caution however.


The question is, What am I now going to use this page for?? A Gallery?? Whatever tour I’m advertising?? Any Suggestions??