Photo Booth at Soho House

Like everything, the way we think of a term or product changes over the years. One example is the photo booth. What’s the first thing you think of? For me it’s the Christmas photo booth my co-worker and I set up when we had the company party at the CN Tower this year. It’s great fun to done masks, boas, fake lips and mustaches for an evening of revelry.

With Digital cameras, it makes things like this so quick and easy to pull off for any occasion. For this event, I was able to rent one LED continuous light and humongous studio Umbrella from my photography teacher. Once set up, people could take pictures with their cell phones. Those of us who had DSLR’s brought them that night. No, I was not the official photographer, and I tried to keep it that way.
Depending what age bracket you’re in, say 30 and over, you may remember you and your friends squishing into a tiny photo booth that took a strip of 4 images. When I was a kid, it cost $2.00. Though there are still photo booths in the malls, the price is now a hearty $4.00! Ok. Maybe it’s not THAT much. But I have to wonder how often they are actually used now in an age of smart phones and selfie sticks.

One such photo booth at Steam Whistle. During a field day workshop for Wedding Photography at Ryerson we all delighted in asking our Bride and Grooms to hustle themselves in there for many creative shots. Unfortunately, I think these photos have been lost when my hard drive died a few years back.
At the end of the exhibit, when we found out it was free, my co-worker and I commandeered the photo booth. We took 7 sheets of photos, that’s 44 photos in all. Within 3 minutes there were spat out, still a little sticky, but when were there not when they were freshly developed? The bottom of each sheet included a Soho House banner at the bottom, a nice reminder of where the photo booth was should you have been in a drunken stupor.

The same silliness of old came flooding back. Instead of being an adult, you were once again transported into a teen again. Look funny, stick out your tong out, look provocative, laugh out loud! Then there’s the tradition of picking and choosing amongst your friend which photos you’d like to keep for yourself. Can you remember any fun times at the mall with friends that involved the photo booth? Do you remember especially any photos you laughed so hard over you keeled over? Leave your memories in the comment section of this post.

Photo Booth image taken by Colleen