Binge Updating OR Considerations for a Winter Term Part 2

Thank you all for the wonderful amount of hits I’ve recieved in the past few days. You may have noticed I’ve been binge updating my WordPress. I’ve finally got out of my lazy stupor after the holidays. We all know the soporific effects of turkey doesn’t last this long. But I also think it was part and parcel to the fact that I was so busy last term, I felt like a spinning top. Surprising everyone, even myself, I haven’t signed up for any classes. Though I think there is still time to sign up for a 101 culinary class at George Brown. MMMmmmmm…… maybe not.

Before Christmas, I actually did start the beginnings of a refurbished With exams and last assignment presentations, oh yeah – Christmas, I’ve let that drop to the way side. As it turns out I can up with some ideas to streamline this blog in readiness for the self hosted website. It will take time, and I have time on my side. The goal is to have the website running before my Newfoundland tour in June.

With regards to TICO – Travel Industry Council of Ontario, I’ve printed the manual, but have only flipped through it. Since learning that it will take $10,000 to register to be a tour operator, my enthusiasm has deflated some-what. I don’t have this kind of money. Then to register ever year for a few hundred bucks. What’s a girl to do? Regardless, it will be a good idea to study the manual, even take the exam.

So what will I do with my time?

– More studio photography? This will include more self portraits, more silhouettes and other marketing ideas.

– Archery! Ryerson now has an archery club. As an alumni, I can join, but the only good evening for me is Monday because they shoot until 7pm. Wednesday and Thursday, they shoot until 6pm.

– I’ve started English Country Dancing again. For all you Jane Austin fans, you know what this is. In fact, in April, I will be photographing portraits of participants at a Regency Ball. Which leads into…

– … making a new ball gown and undergarments.

– And lastly more time to set up my darkroom again. When I was home for Christmas, I found a package of 8×10 glossy photo paper. Why on earth I got Glossy, is beyond me. Though it was way before I decided I preferred luster.

So there you have it. I obviously won’t be bored, with all-of-the-above and tying up loose ends for Newfoundland 2015.

Double Whammy – Bird Kingdom and the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory

Norm and I set out for Bird Kingdom in Niagara Fall on a beautiful sunny morning with the
promise of mild weather to come in the evening. Not to mention the thought of a not so busy day because it’s not tourist season. As it was only locals who took advantage of Bird Kingdom. When we arrived, there was already a children’s birthday party going on. But we didn’t expect too much of a hassle from them. I may have been wrong in that.

There are three floors of birds, reptiles, some arachnids of a large kind and a skunk who was in hiding. On the first floor, we were introduced to a large, yet friendly turtle called Sheldon and some squawky parrots. On the second floor; a small bird avery and nocturnal section where we witnessed poisonous frogs that were either fighting or copulating. But the best part was the last room.

A three floor atrium filled with at least 5 different types of birds, many types of plants and a small crowd of people greeted us. There was a friendly bird who liked to nibble on people’s clothes. My personal favorite, were the cutest little love ducks you ever did see. They were like two seniors who liked to joke with each other, straighten each others hair, smile fondly and adoringly. When we reached the atrium, the money was almost out on our parking spot, so we topped it up with another hour. Good thing to, because we spent almost the whole of the second hour seeking out every bird that could be photographed.

On the way, out, Cowboy Colin gave us the idea of going to the butterfly conservatory. After a rest at Timmies, we headed there to see if it was busy. We were in luck. Best of all, the kids that were there were really well behaved. I’m always amazed at the multitude of butterflies in this place, fluttering here and there. Very peaceful.

The butterfly conservatory is surrounded by botanical gardens that are kept by students at the Horticultural School. So keep a look out on my blog calendar and the meet up group for a summer outing to the conservatory so we can also enjoy both butterflies and gardens.