Cool Aid

SO M______ and I were bashing Apple about how presumptuous they are, how they make you jump through hoops. How did this come about? R___ sent me a link to iCloud to sign up for his calendar to book studio space. So I sign up. Still I can’t access it because I have to have the correct “APPLE” operating system. Our work computers are PC.

This situation only strengthens my need, no longer a want, a need to buy a new lap top! AND, *GASP* a smart phone! So I’ve been looking at VIAO. Only, I just read the Japanese have severed themselves from Sony ( To some, it’s the next best PC lap top to a MAC. Someone even said, and I QUOTE, “If Mac laptops where not of this world, I would get a VIAO.” I told M_____ (a co-worker) this as it was a mutual friend who stated it and his comment was something to the effect of his having drunk the Cool Aid.

Now at break during my first class of Digital Marketing, I can see how someone can easily be sucked into drinking MAC Cool Aid. I guess the biggest sting for me now is how I have staved off these conveniences for so long. I called it Boycotting, but perhaps that was just a smart ass way of avoiding the situation. Not so smart ass.

Yet, it’s not a convenience. It’s a necessity. Especially in the type of business I want to do.

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