The begining

Being somewhat new to blogging, I really don’t know where to start. Perhaps introducing myself is a good way to start. Thereafter, I can think of blogging as journal entries, like those I write almost every night. Only these entries will be specific to photography, but even more so, my photography outings and trips.  

When I started to get into photography, I started with my grandfathers 35mm Canon. My Mom’s junior high school had a dark room, so I was able to develop my own photos. How I miss those days. Today I have everything a dark room needs, except for the room itself. Go figure. When I moved to Toronto, I got my first DSLR; a used, original Canon Rebel. Someone even commented that it was, “retro”. Now I shoot with a Canon 40D. Yup! I’m proudly a Canon girl, loyal to the name as well as to my grandfather.  

Over the years, I’ve collected film cameras, keeping my grandfathers, procuring a Bronica Zenza, a King Penguin, a Holga, a 4×5 Graflex, a 4X5 studio Toyo, and finally, though probably not my last a 35mm Pentax. I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this. I’m certainly not boasting about how many out dated cameras I have. More like, illustrating the fact that film photography is not completely dead, and yes, you can still by film and chemicals, etc. My favorite camera to use, besides my DSLR (my only DSLR) is the Bronica. I’m currently looking for a new back though. The other doesn’t close anymore. So I’ve put my Polaroid back on it, but have hardly taken advantage of it. 

I’m a member of the Beach Photo Club. I was two years in until I decided to take on the role of outings coordinator. In doing so, I’ve become much more organized and methodical in my habits with everything else. I’ve found my niche at last! What stemmed from the club outings was my own weekend trips and week long trips. In 2011, I lead a group of photographers from the BPC as well as from the Toronto Photography Meet up Group, to Cape Breton. Two years after that, to Mainland Nova Scotia, in 2015, I have the west coast of Newfoundland planned with the trip already full. Though I have nothing planned yet, I’d like to plan for Prince Edward Island in 2017. There is a theme here, perhaps you’ve guessed it. I’m a Cape Bretoner, thus these trips showcase the Maritimes, and Newfoundland in a experiential and photographic light.

Most of my future blogs will feature tid-bits on the up and coming Newfoundland trip as well as updates on starting a business based on photo tourism. I hope that I will not falter in updating this blog. I hope to have the occasional comment from you. Mostly I hope you will one day be a part of my tours.


6 thoughts on “The begining

    • Thanks Norm,

      I love to write, and I hope there wasn’t too many grammatical errors in there. I wrote in outlook first sending it to myself as a way of correcting my spelling.

      Thanks for being the 1st to comment!


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